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Fandom is a way of life

Shawn Marier
28 October
Lets see a little about me. In my 40s, Married, 1 child, Software Engineer, DJ, and former Chairman of the largest SciFi convention in Washington state.

I'm a third generation native of Washington state.

Got into computers in the late 70s when I was still a youngster. Ran a SciFi related BBS in the early 80s. Started using the internet in 1987 and I'm still addicted.

Went to Roosevelt HS, which is were I got involved with the major hobby in my life: fandom.

Fandom has shaped my life since then. It was because of a Vikingcon I decided to go to WWU instead of the UW. I met most of my current friends through the different conventions I have attended over the years. I even meet my Wife through a mutual friend in fandom.

To pay the bills, I work as a software engineer. I have worked for three companies and have never had to change buildings. Currently working on a Virtual Machine product.

To pass the time away I help organize SciFi conventions. I sit on the board of directors for SWOC which has sponsored multiple conventions in the Northwest including 3 past westercons and the 2005 NASFiC. If that wasn't enough I have been Chairman of Norwescon 3 times; which is a 3,000 person convention held every Easter weekend.

Other hobbies include DJing dances, collecting comics and playing computer games (City of Heroes is my current addiction).